Todd Cochrane from TPN Gets an Interview on Fox News at CES

Check it out… Todd and Andy talk about the Fox News video setup (interesting that they use TriCaster… one of my favorite “cool geek” video setups… wish I had one!) Anyway, it is pretty interesting, and contrasts the difference between blogger coverage of CES and network (Fox) coverage!

The video is embedded from Blip.TV.

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  • Dr. Bill & Todd,
    Thanks for the great “behind the scenes coverage” of Fox News at CES 2008. I have been in video production for over 16 years in S. CA and still enjoy watching how other companies get there product “on air”. I had a couple of specific questions for Dave & Paul, the tech crew, about the Tricaster and FCP/MacBook Pro field set up they used.
    1. Are they using Push or Pull live internet streaming?
    2. Is the connection between the Tricaster and MacBook Pro FireWire? If so is it only in one direction?
    3. What plug-in did they purchase to make custom overlays?
    4. How many cameras are they using at the CES show?
    I have a production company in Philadelphia that offers these (and other) services. I am hoping that you can contact Dave & Paul to get these answers. If not any additional information would be helpful and I will try to get the answers directly.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work!
    P.S.-Next time tape you should tape the interview from an over the shoulder shot of the director. People would be amazed at what goes into making TV!!

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