Geek Software of the Week: Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

This week’s GSoTW is very cool! Secunia Personal Software Inspector keeps track of all your installed software and makes sure that you have the latest, greatest versions installed, which is safer from a security point of view! Very nice!

“The Secunia PSI is an invaluable tool for you to use when assessing the security patch state of software installed on your system. It constantly monitors your system for insecure software installations, notifies you when an insecure application is installed, and even provides you with detailed instructions for updating the application when available.”

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

  • The Secunia PSI is available free of charge.
  • Secure your PC. Patch your applications. Be proactive.
  • Scan for Insecure and End-of-Life applications.
  • Track your patch-performance week by week.
  • Direct and easy access to security patches.
  • Detect more than 300,000 unique application versions.

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