RawVoice Media Launches “PodcastFAQ!”

PodcastFAQVery neat! RawVoice Media, Inc., the folks that are behind the Techpodcast Network, and the Blubrry podcast community, have started a new service… called PodcastFAQ. Check it out… it is an awesome collection of info on podcasting and podcasting technology and promotion!

PodcastFAQ Service

Here’s what they say on the Home Page:

“Welcome to podcastFAQ.com, a website committed to providing everything you need to know about podcasting. This site aims to contain the most up-to-date information for podcast creators, consumers and businesses. The content on podcastFAQ.com is intended to be easy to find, to the point, and without clutter.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned podcaster, an avid listener/viewer, or just someone interested in podcasts, we hope to have something for you. Go ahead; it’s easy. Use the navigation on the left to explore the breadth of the site.

podcastFAQ.com is the result of a bunch of us podcasters – who are also the founders of RawVoice Inc. – going to meet-ups, podcamps and expos preaching our love, passion and knowledge of podcasting. It dawned on us that we had all this information about podcasting, but nowhere to put it.”

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