Hey, If the MythBusters Recommend Ubuntu over Vista, Who Am I To Argue?

Jamie Hyneman recommends Ubuntu Linux over Windows Vista! So do I! This article in Popular Mechanics magazine by Jamie Hyneman, of the MythBusters TV show on the Discovery Channel is all about his personal “Tech Headaches—and How to Fix Them.” One section (at the link below) describes his frustration with “bloatware!”

Tech Headaches—and How to Fix Them

“Computer operating systems loaded with stuff I don’t want and will never use. In the tech world this phenomenon is known as ‘software bloat’ or ‘feature bloat.’ It’s a well-documented problem and a frequent complaint about Windows OSs—Vista in particular. In addition to being buggy, the extra features tend to bog down your system by demanding more processing power and memory. Computer-makers: Don’t load up operating systems with features and then make us sweat to figure out how to get rid of the fat. Most features can be set up as options. Why not start with a computer loaded with basic stuff that works 100 percent of the time? Then, give us the option of adding the bells and whistles. There’s another solution available to consumers: Switch to a Linux-based OS such as Ubuntu. Since most Linux OSs are free, there’s no business reason to bloat up the system with feature frills. And high-tech companies—stop messing with us on your treadmill of upgrades while making the old stuff obsolete. It may be that any software company that didn’t routinely upgrade its product would go out of business. But what if the rest of the world worked this way? Oh, I lost a sock. I need to get a whole new wardrobe because the replacement sock is version 2.0.1, and the stores now only sell version 2.0.3.”

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