Microsoft SteadyState

I was listening to the “Security Now” podcast recently (Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte) and they were talking about a new, free tool for Windows XP called “Windows SteadyState.” It allows you to build a system and then have it in a lab, or other common (shared) area, and have it revert back to it’s earlier state once rebooted. Info on M$ site is here:

Microsoft SteadyState Web Site

“Keep your shared access computers running smoothly with Windows SteadyState. Note: If you already use the Shared Computer Toolkit, upgrade today to Windows SteadyState. Are you ready to download Windows SteadyState for your genuine Windows XP computer? There’s no cost. Download it now, or look around and learn more.”

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  • I learned of it there too. I installed it this morning on my daughters XP machine. She has a knack for doing anything she can to bring the PC to its knees.

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