Vista SP1 is Supposed to Make Vista Better…Right!?

Well, how about crashes, instability, and more? That’s what beta testers have found so far! And, M$ has pulled the Release to Manufacturing release due to all the problems… sigh!

Microsoft Pulls Buggy Windows Vista SP1 Files

“Microsoft has removed from its software update service a file that’s a prerequisite to installing the first major update to the Windows Vista operating system. The move follows reports from users that the file causes their computers to crash or enter an endless cycle of boots and reboots. ‘We made the decision to temporarily suspend automatic distribution of the update,’ Vista program manager Nick White revealed in a blog post Tuesday. White said that Microsoft needs time ‘to investigate possible causes’ of the bug before it can again make the file — known simply as KB937287 — available through Windows Update. Vista users have in recent days complained about the troublesome file on Microsoft’s online support forum. One user going by the name CH777 reported that his or her computer “reboots and reboots and reboots” as a result of the update. Another, EchoStormFury, complained to Microsoft that ‘your stupid SP1 pre-updates have destroyed access to my computer.'”

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