Apple Updates Macbooks

Now with more HP (horsepower) and a multi-touch keypad!

Apple adds new CPUs, Multi-Touch trackpad to MacBook Pro

“Apple on Tuesday updated its entire laptop line with faster processors, more storage and memory, along with adding its Multi-Touch trackpad to the MacBook Pro. All MacBook models now include the latest Intel Penyrn processors. The MacBook Pro is available in standard 2.4GHz and 2.5GHz options with a 2.6GHz upgrade, while the MacBook ships with 2.1GHz and 2.4GHz options. Every model except for the 2.1GHz MacBook now comes standard with 2GB of SDRAM, expandable to 4GB. Hard drive space is offered at 120GB, 160GB and 250GB for the MacBooks, 200GB in the 2.4GHz MacBook Pro and 250GB for the 2.5GHz Pro models. New Multi-Touch functionality in the MacBook Pro would allow the use of gestures similar to that being used on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new trackpad was introduced in the MacBook Air last month. Like previous MacBook models, other standard features include the iSight video camera, 802.11n wireless, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Firewire, and built-in SuperDrive. Apple also ships iLife ’08, which includes iPhoto and iMovie, with every new laptop. Pricing of the new models starts at $1,099 USD for the basic MacBook, and $1,499 USD for the black model. For the MacBook Pro, prices range from $1,999 to $2,799 USD depending on configuration.”

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