The Justice Dept. Has Approved the Merger of Sirius and XM Satellite Radio!

Who’d “thunk” it? With only two satellite radio companies out there, who would have thought that they would approve of this merger?

Justice Dept. approves XM + Sirius merger

The US Justice Department has approved the merger between XM and Sirius satellite radio services, stating that it could not find any evidence that the combination would substantially reduce competition. In what has seemed like an eternity, the first steps towards a single satellite radio entity began Monday as the DOJ approved the $13 billion deal. XM and Sirius first announced their ‘merger of equals’ last February, with Sirius’ Mel Karmazin assuming the role of CEO, and XM’s chairman Gary Parsons taking the chairman’s position. The two companies had hoped at the time to finish the merger by the end of 2007. However, both the Justice Department and the FCC took their time in studying the merger — even causing the two sides to extend the agreement through May 1 (it was set to expire in February). Broadcast industry groups such as the National Association of Broadcasters had voiced their opposition to the deal, saying it was anti-competitive. In its defense the two companies argued that since satellite radio’s creation, the entertainment industry had changed. Satellite radio was now competing with devices such as music players and other entertainment devices, they claimed. From the DOJ Antitrust Division’s statement, it appears as if regulators agreed, adding other factors played into their decision. The reasons for the approval included ‘a lack of competition between the parties in important segments even without the merger; the competitive alternative services available to consumers; technological change that is expected to make those alternatives increasingly attractive over time; and efficiencies likely to flow from the transaction that could benefit consumers,’ according to the statement.”

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  • I was a XM subscriber until I changed cars and didn’t move the xm over to the new car. I gave up my subscription around last year at this time. I told myself that if they do merge it will be a big mistake in that they say that they won’t raise price but I am sure that they will.They will try to ram down the price increase on getting the major league games or something like that. I would like to see them go to a , a la carte pricing. Having no competition is a huge mistake to the satellite industry. No competition means higher price.

    I didn’t like it when I heard the possibility of a merger but maybe they can prove me wrong. But only having 1 satellite company and when they started this whole satellite radio thing it was always there for competition with no merger to see it happen with a merger good luck

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