OpenOffice.Org 2.4 is Out – With New Features!

Check it out! How cool is this?

New features in 2.4.0 (available now)

“ 2.4 is now released and ushers in new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. continues to face stiff competition. Despite the radical interface and file format changes, Microsoft Office 2007 enjoys strong sales and support from third-party developers. A first step in denting Sharepoint’s enterprise dominance, Google recently expanded its software-as-a-service Google Docs suite with JotSpot, a wiki service, and is laboring to push Google Apps from the web to the desktop with Google Gears. Still, stands out on price, license, broad platform support, OpenDocument file formats, robust PDF export, and rapid development. Where it took Microsoft four years to make Office 2007, comes out every three to six months.”

OpenOffice.Org Web Site


  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve been using OpenOffice for a few months now. I was uncertain if it would serve as a worthy replacement for MS Office, but it really is fantastic.

  • I love OpenOffice myself… I am busily upgrading all my systems to this new version… Version 3.0 will be out in September and will have M$ Office 2007 format support! They just keep raising the bar!

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