This Weekend’s Podcast Has Issues…

Yep… I lost my audio somewhat during recording the podcast… so you get to here me humming along halfway through the Jonathan Coulton song “The Presidents.” It was like my virtual “mixer” lost the channel that played the songs, bits, etc. and you then only heard my mic recording (even when I had it “off”) … actually, my wife, Belinda, thought it was hilarious! Anyway, no sooner had I posted it to the net… within about two minutes… I got an email from Henry Ratliff, one of my Internet buddy’s and a faithful listener, who said, “Hey, Doc, ya got a problem!”

So, I recorded a mini-podcast to get the full Jonathan Coulton song… it is available here:

Click on the “Streaming MP3” badge below to play Streaming Audio of this Podcast.
Streaming MP3 Audio
 Download MP3
(Right-Click on the Link Above and Choose “Save” to Save the MP3 file locally on your PC.)

Also… for the rest of the original podcast… the audio is wonky. Don’t ya love it!?

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