9000 PCs in a Swiss School Will Switch From Windows to Ubuntu Linux

Yep… the good guys are on the march! I particularly like the school director’s comment (see below the link.)

Linux: 9000 PCs in Swiss schools will switch to Ubuntu only

“Beginning from next term, all computers at schools in the Swiss canton of Geneva will be switched to Ubuntu Linux only. Geneva newspaper Tribune de Geneve reports today that from September 2008 all computers at schools that currently are dual-boot MS Windows and Linux will have MS Windows removed and become FOSS (Free Open Source Software) only. Besides lower costs for the administration, students will also profit from the use of Ubuntu, as they then will be able to use the same applications at home without additional cost. Manuel Grandjean, director for the schools (Ecoles-Médias) IT services pointed out that the use of FOSS ‘…encourages participation and the democratization of knowledge and provides product independent competences…’. He also sees the use of FOSS as a ‘reinforcement of equal opportunities’ for students.”

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