Geek Software of the Week: Two For One Special!

AVG Anti-SpywareNormally, we give you one Geek Software of the Week pick… but this week, we follow the story of my son, Ben… the GameMaster himself… who was downloading files to update his M.U.G.E.N. software (a free and Open Source 2-D game.) He got a really nasty piece of spyware on his system that kept popping up a message that said he needed to buy a product to remove spyware. This was actually spyware itself! So, he came to me and said, “Fix it!” OK… OK… here’s some links… YOU fix it! And he did. Made his old man proud! So… here are the links:


AVG Free Anti-Spyware

So… if you run into similar problems… here’s your fix! AVG Anti-Spyware used to be called Ewido Anti-Spyware… but it is even better, and, to my mind, easier to use! Check it out!

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