Vista is a Lame Duck!

Windows 7 is coming… why buy Vista? This is what I am hearing more and more. Now Gartner says so. I say, “Vista is dead… long live Ubuntu!”

Is Vista dead in the water?

“Analysts from Gartner said earlier this week that Windows is collapsing under its own weight. Talk in the blogosphere keeps pointing to a Windows 7 release date earlier than 2010. Is Vista already a lame duck? Certainly Microsoft wants to avoid another debacle on the scale of Windows Me, an operating system release that tilted more toward a mistake than an upgrade, and whose publicity turned into pushback from both customers and the press. However, two analysts from Gartner certainly didn’t help Vista much with their comments earlier this week. At an Emerging Trends conference in Las Vegas, Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald argued that Microsoft is collapsing under its own weight, and that Windows has become monolithic. Central to their point was the fact that Microsoft is leery to cut the cord, so to speak, on more than two decades of applications. Backwards compatibility remains something of an expectation with each new Windows release. At the same time, this support for the past has gotten them into trouble. ‘Security should have been enough of a reason for Microsoft to stop bringing these applications forward,’ Directions on Microsoft analyst Michael Cherry told BetaNews.”

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