And Now… The Tricorder!

Star Trek lives! At least science is catching up with Star Trek. Now, there is a Tricorder-like device to help determine what’s wrong with a patient. Dr. McCoy would be so proud!

Real Trekkie Tricorder Invented

“New handheld medical scanners coupled with regular cell phones resemble “Star Trek” tricorders and could see what ails you with a push of a button. The invention, using off-the-shelf cell phone technology, would allow medical scanners could boldly go where none have gone before — to the aid of the roughly three-quarters of the world’s population currently without access to ultrasounds, X-rays and other imagers used for everything from detecting tumors to monitoring fetuses. In addition to offering medical scans in developing nations, the devices ‘could find their way in ambulances, or rural clinics,’ said Boris Rubinsky, a professor of bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley.”

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