Verizon Backs Linux-based Phone OS

It will rival Google’s “Android” system… but Verizon wants its own Linux-based Phone OS.

Verizon Wireless Backs Linux Operating System For Handsets

“Verizon Wireless said on Wednesday that it was putting its weight behind a Linux-based operating system that rivals Google Inc.’s ( GOOG) own Android offering. Wireless carriers are increasingly looking to open standard software for their phones because they reduce manufacturing costs and make it easier for the development community to independently create new services and programs. Verizon Wireless said it will use a standard called LiMo, and expects it to eventually be the preferred operating system for its phones. The carrier – jointly owned by Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) and Vodafone Group PLC (VOD) – plans to have phones using the LiMo operating system by 2009, according to Kyle Malady, vice president of networks. While LiMo has gotten less press than Android, it is further along the development process, with 18 handsets from eight different companies in the market. The wide number of development partners in the LiMo Foundation and the more open nature of the group attracted Verizon Wireless, Malady said.”

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