VMware Invests in a System Management Company

VMware goes up against Microsoft! Cool!

VMware invests in an SMT provider in its battle against Microsoft

“Public perception is half the battle, especially when the prize is a virtual one. Yesterday, VMware placed a big bet that it could be perceived as a full-service provider like Microsoft, by acquiring a systems management tool company called B-hive. Last year, Microsoft officials admitted they didn’t hold any expectations for their company to suddenly become perceived as the world leader in virtualization, even if they end up outshipping VMware or Citrix XenSource quantitatively by virtue of the availability of Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008. But it did intend to leverage its existing position not only as an operating system provider but as an indisputable competitor in systems management tools, as a way to offer customers at least a complete package. This may have sent a clarion call to VMware that, if it wants to maintain its stronghold on the specialty of virtualization, it may need to expand its reach somewhat into the areas where Microsoft has leverage. Yesterday, VMware did that in an almost Microsoft-like fashion: by acquiring B-hive, the producer of an IT infrastructure performance monitoring tool called Conductor that’s geared toward virtualized server environments. B-hive Conductor is an intriguing product whose claim to fame is its capability to dynamically map all the components in an IT infrastructure — both real and virtual — by monitoring database transactions triggered by service-oriented applications, and following how servers respond. It literally appears to “ride piggy-back” along with transactions, and in so doing, making sure the way they’re distributed and processed is in compliance with binding service-level agreements (SLAs).”

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