The Samba Team Has Released Samba 3.2!

Check it out! Version 3.2 is out!

Samba Team Releases Samba 3.2

“Samba 3.2 builds upon the success of Samba 3.0 by modernizing and enhancing the code whilst still retaining compatibility with all existing Samba installations. Samba is the leading technology choice for Windows file serving on UNIX platforms and in embedded Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions. Samba is used by vendors selling NAS solutions ranging from high end clustered business-critical systems, to low end consumer devices, and everything in between. Samba 3.2 introduces a ‘registry’ based configuration system. This allows vendors embedding Samba in an appliance to more easily manage Samba configuration via the supplied commands or library functions without having to write scripts to modify a text file. Samba 3.2 has been designed and tested to integrate with the latest Microsoft Windows clients and servers, such as Windows Vista service pack 1, and Windows Server 2008. An innovation created by the Samba Team, Samba 3.2 has extended the CIFS/SMB protocol to allow transport encryption. File system shares may now be marked as ‘encrypted’ and all access to these shares is now encrypted over the network. Standard GSSAPI encryption techniques are used to safeguard the data. This extension to the CIFS/SMB protocol is open and available for other vendors to adopt without requiring patent licenses or other restrictions.”

New Features include:

  • Clustered File Server Support
  • Easier Configuration
  • Improved Integration with Microsoft Windows
  • Encrypted Network Transport
  • Reduced Memory Requirements
  • IPv6 Support
  • New Library Code
  • New Release Manager
  • Now Licensed Under the GNU GPLv3

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