Microsoft Will Begin Pushing XP’s Service Pack 3 to Users

You vill do vhat we say! (Yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose, folks!) M$ is now pushing out SP3 to users! If you want to block it, you will have to explicitly do so.

Microsoft to Begin Pushing XP SP3 to Users

“Microsoft will begin pushing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) out via Automatic Updates to users who have not already downloaded it as early as Thursday, the company confirmed. However, because not every company will want to have SP3 automatically installed on its PCs, Microsoft also has a blocking kit available for download, as it has done with past service packs. Additionally, due to the large numbers of XP users, Microsoft will not push SP3 out to all users at once. ‘This is a throttled release, to allow Microsoft to carefully monitor the release to ensure that all customers have a good experience,’ a company spokesperson told in an e-mail. The spokesperson would not confirm that SP3 would start being pushed out by Automatic Updates this week, however. The company began phasing in voluntary manual downloads of what is likely to be the last service pack for seven-year-old Windows XP this spring. After some glitches – particularly with HP PCs running on AMD processors – the company briefly suspended, then restarted, downloads of SP3. If automatic downloads do indeed begin this week, they come on the heels of last week’s announcement that Microsoft has officially discontinued sales of XP through most outlets.”


  • Bill,

    Maybe you have written about this elsewhere, but do you think of XP SP3? Would you recommend it?


  • It is basically a “roll-up” of the security patches that have come out for XP prior to SP3. It really doesn’t have any new features… but except for early issues with some AMD processors, it appears safe. I have installed it…. and my laptop DOES have an AMD processor. So, yeah… go for it!

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