Now We’re Talking… a Personal Jetpack!

Now this looks cool! Think of it as a “Jet Ski” for the sky… sorta! At any rate, looks like it would be fun!

Jet pack makes maiden flight at Oshkosh air show

“The first public flight of a futuristic personal jet pack on Tuesday didn’t exactly conjure up images of ‘The Jetsons’ flying saucer car, the power and grace of Superman soaring faster than a speeding bullet or the heroic Buck Rogers fighting evil warlords in outer space. But the maiden launch of the Martin Jetpack, at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture show here, nonetheless provided a lift to the dream that ordinary people could one day fly free, albeit not as naturally, as a bird. And without wings or a pilot’s license. The rocketlike human flight machine, offered at the introductory price of about $100,000, is being marketed by the Martin Aircraft Co. of New Zealand as ‘the world’s first practical jet pack.'”

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