Geek Software of the Week: fwbuilder

fwbuilderConfiguring a firewall in Linux with iptables can be daunting for a new user… that’s where the graphical application “fwbuilder” comes in! This app will step you through defining your firewall, with helpful comments along the way!

Set up your firewall with Firewall Builder

“Firewall Builder (fwbuilder) is a graphical application that can help you to configure IP traffic filtering. It can compile the filtering policy you define into many specifications, including iptables and various languages used by Cisco and Linksys routers. Separating the actual policy you define and the implementation in this way should let you change what hardware is running your firewall without having to redefine your policy for that platform. Packages for fwbuilder are available in the Ubuntu Hardy and Fedora 9 repositories. fwbuilder is packaged as a 1-Click install for openSUSE 10.3, but not for version 11 as yet.”

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