LHC Scientist Caught in Epic Fail! Universe Doomed!

Oh no! He confused Star Trek with Star Wars! Geeks of the world are in an outrage! Oh my!

LHC Scientist Confuses Star Wars with Star Trek, Universe Doomed

“NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT. (Agencies) The scientific world is shocked today as Michael Zeller—a professor of physics at Yale who has been working at the Large Hadron Collider—reportedly misquoted the Star Trek tagline “Where no man has gone before” and, further shattering the Universe time-space fabric, attributed it to Star Wars: ‘What did they say in ‘Star Wars’? We’re going where no man has ever been? Well, that’s where we’re going,’ Zeller said in declarations to the Yale Daily News about the LHC first beam test last Wednesday. Professor Zeller helped create the zero degree calorimeter used in Atlas, one of the main experiments at CERN’s multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider.”

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