Breathe In, Oxygen… Ahhh! Breathe Out, Fuel For Your Car!?!

That’s what some scientists are saying may be in the offing! Turning Carbon Dioxide into fuels! Now, THAT would rock!

Turning carbon dioxide into fuel

CNN – “Carbon Sciences believe they have made a breakthrough with their technology, which they say can transform CO2 back into basic fuel building blocks efficiently. Their biocatalytic process converts CO2 into basic hydrocarbons – C1 (methane) C2 (ethane) and C3 (propane) — which can then be utilized to make higher-grade fuels like gasoline and jet fuel. ‘We are very excited by what we’ve seen in the lab. We’ve had some promising results,’ Derek McLeish, President and CEO of the Santa Barbara-based company, told CNN. By employing biocatalysis — using natural catalysts to perform chemical reactions — Carbon Sciences hope to bypass the problem of inefficient energy ratios which can render many CO2 recycling projects pointless.”

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