Mac Sales Were Flat in November

Seems the economic downturn is hurting Mac sales!

Mac Sales Flat in November 2008

“Apple, Inc. witnessed flat year-over-year overall sales in the United States for its Macs in November, while sales of rival Microsoft Corp’s Windows PCs were up 7 percent, according to research firm NPD Group Inc, which tracks retail sales. Sales of desktops were down 20 percent overall, with Windows desktops sales falling 15 percent and Macs down 38 percent. Apple’s notebook sales, however, were up 22 percent in November, while Windows sales rose 15 percent. ‘For notebooks, there is a little extra value to consumers (to buy Apple). For desktops I’m not so sure,’ NPD analyst Stephen Barker told Reuters. ‘To me the real story is the iMacs need a refresh.’ IDC, which tracks sales of technology products, said earlier this month that it expects global PC sales to fall 5.3 percent next year to $267 billion. Apple and Microsoft could not be immediately reached for comment.”

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