Geek Software of the Week: EASEUS Partition Master

Ever needed to resize a live disk volume? I did recently… and you know me… I gotta find a free way to do it! So, another GSotW! EASEUS Partition Master! This program rocks! There is a free home version, and a very reasonably priced Pro and/or Server Version if you need 64 bit support!

EASEUS Partition Master!

Check this one out! “EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a FREE disk partitioning utility for extending system partition, better disk space management, settling low disk space problem under Windows 2000/XP/Vista (for 32bit Only.) What’s more, the freeware works perfectly with hardware RAID and laptops like HP, Dell, etc. Your data is completely protected during all operations. Why not free download this free magic partition software and enjoy it like the commercial partition program? If your computer is running 64 bit Windows systems, please check Professional or Server editions.”

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  • Who can get me a free partition manager? Few days ago, I came up with partition problems. I would like to enlarge my system disk C. I didn’t know what to do. What I want was just a free and reliable partition software. Fortunately, my friends recommended me free partition manager software. It was really easy to use and I got everything through in less than 10 minutes. So I would like to share this partition manager with all of you. The name of this partition manager is called Partition Wizard. It provides different editions. If you have the same problems like mine, you can go to its website for more information. Probably, you will find some stuff useful to you.

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