Time Warner Triad… PAY ATTENTION!

OK, so local (Triad) Time Warner has me ticked off! I watch the SciFi (excuse me, now, “SyFy”… yuk!) Channel for “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13” as well as the few other ACTUAL SciFi programs on SyFy… sigh, indeed! Anyway, what ticks me off is that they turn UP the audio level on LOCAL cable commercials… while preempting the “network” commercials (always a few milliseconds too late!)

Anyway, I am sure that they are telling the local commercial buying companies that this “increasing the volume” bit is a GREAT idea to catch people’s attention… well, guess what, local vendors that are paying good money for your commercials to run… I sit with my finger on the MUTE button, and as soon as they blare out at me, I happily, gleefully, with MALICE… hit the MUTE BUTTON to silence the commercial… so, I NEVER HEAR YOUR MESSAGE!!!! So there! Time Warner… are you listening??? You are “out-smarting” yourself, OK?!?!? We aren’t listening to your LOUD COMMERCIALS! Anybody else out there doing what I am doing?!? If so, write them… send me comments to this post… let me know I am not the only one ticked off!!!

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