Well, I’ve Switched to Google Chrome!

Google ChromeI never thought I would… but, Mozilla Firefox has been hanging, and crashing lately with the latest version… and I certainly wasn’t going to use IE! So, I am now using Google Chrome… and I got to admit, it is nice! Come on, Mozilla! Get your act together and get Firefox more stable… or, you will have a huge defection on your hands! Really, I LIKE Firefox… more I have to be able to do my work!

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  • Welcome to the Chrome fold. I went over to the Google dark side earlier this year. Chrome just seems faster and simpler. I do miss the drop down menus, but ever since Firefox got cute with their drop down menu it has been less helpful. I like the little + button with Google and that compensates for the lack of a drop down address menu. I read some report today that said IE was now the most secure browser. Hard to believe.

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