Microsoft is Anti-Linux… is anyone surprised?

Best Buy employees are trained (by a Microsoft slide show) to mislead people on Linux… and this surprises someone? Why else are they (M$) called the “Evil Empire?”

We teach Best Buy to Trash Linux

Microsoft (MSFT) has confirmed the authenticity of a controversial set of training slides that it prepared to train Best Buy (BBY) employees in what the software giant calls ‘the important differences between Linux computers and Windows computers.’ Pro-Linux advocates — including the Best Buy employee who initially leaked the training slides onto the web — had accused Microsoft of ‘indoctrinating’ workers with anti-Linux propaganda to mislead the public. The Best Buy worker, whom DailyFinance has spoken to, remains employed. For now.”

40 Years of Internet Life!

And I was there at the beginning… but, hey, I AM the Computer Curmudgeon!

40 Years of the Internet!

“The concept of an Internet free world now seems unimaginable and to a certain degree, frightening. You may be surprised to know that LOLCats and Rick Rolls weren’t on the minds of two California universities when they began tests 40 years ago, successfully sending data between two computers in 1969. These were the humble beginnings of ARPANET…what is now, the Internet. What better time to recap on the last 40 years and provide a brief history of how a technology that has changed our lives, came to be. Before you begin reading however, if you’d like a more visual representation, you may want to sit back and watch this wonderful video that will take you through the decades to today.”

So… enjoy your Internet… and celebrate the access we have!