New Version of Firefox is Out… 3.6… and it is FASTER!

I had left the Firefox fold for Chrome… because Firefox had gotten slower and slower… but, one thing I didn’t like about Chrome is that it didn’t handle RSS feeds like I wanted… I preferred the way Firefox did it, but I couldn’t handle the slowness anymore! Well, heewack, it’s back! It is 20% faster than it was… check it out!

Mozilla Firefox

“After months of testing, Mozilla has finally released Firefox 3.6, the newest version of its popular browser. The new edition of Firefox (Firefox) sports an array of features, least of which is an increase in speed — 20% faster than Firefox 3.5, according to Mozilla. It uses Gecko 1.9.2 web-rendering, which improves its load times, startup speed and stability. Javascript execution is faster and smoother as well. We’ve talked about some of the other new features before, but our favorite has to be Personas, which lets you customize your Firefox with a single click and without a restart. There’s also autocomplete form functionality and full HTML5 support. You can check out all of the new features here. The Firefox 3.6 beta has been in testing for several months now, but the release candidates only started coming out this month. It looks like the releases went smoothly, so Mozilla is rolling it out for everyone.”

Mashable Article on Firefox

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