VMware Acquires Zimbra!

My favorite virtualization company has acquired my favorite Open Source e-mail platform!

VMware Acquires Zimbra

“Zimbra is the leader in next-generation, open source email and collaboration. In the last 5 years it has revolutionized private on-premises and public cloud deployments, gaining over 55 million paid mailboxes and joining an elite class of solution providers.
VMware vCloud technology will now be integrated with the core application layer, such as email and collaboration, creating a unique synergy and presenting organizations cost-effective means to deliver world-class experiences within an ultra-reliable virtualization framework.”

Behold the Power of “New Media!”

Check out this article, and be sure to watch the videos with it! This is good stuff!

Understanding the New Media

“So, how does an unknown anthropology professor from Kansas make a home movie on a ‘cheap computer’ in his basement that beats out all the $3.6 million Super Bowl ads and transforms him into a Web 2.0 rock star? It begins and ends with the free and open user- generated media-scape.”

DrBill.CC Website is Now Mobile Phone Ready!

You can now visit www.DrBill.CC on your mobile phone, and the content will be auto-magically converted to PDA format. Rock on! The WordPress plugin that does it is located here:

WordPress Mobilepress Plugin

“MobilePress is a free WordPress plugin which turns your WordPress blog into a mobile friendly blog when viewed on a cell phone. MobilePress also allows you to create custom mobile themes for different handheld devices and mobile browsers such as the iPhone, Opera Mini and Windows Mobile.”

Lucy, You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Like the old “I Love Lucy” show… it seems that I have some ‘splainin’ to do! I have had several folks ask me if I am going to “revive” the Dr. Bill podcast. Weeelllll, kinda! I plan to do a semi-occasional VIDEO podcast for the Dr. Bill show… and I hope to have one “in the can” soon. Still funny, still techie, but not as “rigid” in format. So, look for it soon. And HANG IN THERE!