A FEW Reasons Why Android Beats the iPhone

Here’s a FEW Reasons Why Android Beats the iPhone (iOS)

“On iOS, you can’t move a picture from a friend’s computer onto your phone.

On iOS, you can’t shoot a movie with a video camera, move the SD card onto your phone, and copy the movie onto your phone.

On iOS, if you’re in a hurry and need to move a song from your computer to your phone quickly, you still have to launch iTunes and sync, because iOS doesn’t allow drag and drop from a computer folder.

On iOS, you can’t move your Word/Excel/Powerpoint document from your computer, work on it on your phone/device, save it, and move the updated document back onto your computer.

On iOS, you can’t use your phone as a storage device.

On iOS, you can’t say ‘Dial Blockbuster near [your zip code]’ and have your phone go to the web, find the number, and dial it, all without typing anything.

On iOS, you can’t make your own song, or use your own remix, as a ringtone.

On iOS, you CAN have a browser that’s slower at showing a web page.

On iOS, you can’t use Flash for your internet. Therefore, you can’t see content on BILLIONS of web pages, from videos, to animation, to games.

On iOS, you can’t use SWYPE, the Guiness world-record holder for fastest way to text.

On iOS, if you don’t like your touchscreen keyboard, you can’t download an app to replace your touchscreen keyboard.

On iOS, you can’t have your touchscreen keyboard vibrate everytime you type a letter to give you better feedback.

On iOS, you can’t receive notifications about your apps, your texts, and other usage items unless that app is on.

On iOS, you can’t check the weather without launching an app, because widgets are not allowed.

On iOS, you can’t turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, by clicking on a customized screen button, or widget. You have to go into settings.

On iOS, you can’t see updates to your social networking websites, like Facebook, unless you launch an app, because iOS doesn’t allow widgets.

On iOS, you can’t pick a different size screen.

On iOS, if you want a real keyboard, you can’t get one.

On iOS, you can’t get a phone with a faster processor.

On iOS, you can’t get a phone with more RAM memory.

On iOS, you can’t get a phone with an HDMI port so that you can connect your phone to your TV and watch a movie you downloaded from Netflix/Blockbuster in HD.

On iOS, you can’t have more buttons in case you’re faster with buttons.

On iOS, you can’t use your device as a wireless internet router so your laptop can get online. Hot-Spot capability is unavailable.

On iOS, if all your family and friends are on wireless carrier [X], you can’t use that carrier, because your phone/device is available on limited carriers.”

(From a post by “Ahmad” on an Android forum)

Based on my Droid X (which I just upgraded to Android 2.2 [Froyo,] I would have to agree!)


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