“Installing Ubuntu – Netbook Edition 10.10” A Special Edition of the Dr. Bill Netcast #160!

Dr. Bill Netcast – 160 – (10/23/10)

A SPECIAL EDITION Netcast showing how to install Ubuntu – Netbook Edition 10.10! Dr. Bill uses VMware Workstation 7.1 to allow us to install Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition – and uses BB Flashback Express to record the process for the Netcast. BE SURE TO STAY TUNED for our REGULAR Netcast, which will be released tomorrow! (LATE ADDDITION: Due to scheduling issues over the weekend…. looks like it will be Monday evening before I can get the next (regular) show out… but, hey, only late by a day!)

Links that pertain to this Geek Project:

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition

VMware Workstation 7.1

BB Flashback Express

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  • Hi, Just watch this, was abit disappointed. I have seen the full install process before, this was a abit of a waste Time, could have done with some time lapse :). Also the Unity interface was not working, this is what was interested in your appoint on and how it was on a netbook?

    Loved the expression through the eyebrows at the start though:)

  • Hummmm… tough (but fair) criticism! I will see if I can’t rectify that in the next Netcast! (#162 that is!) Thanks!

  • Ubuntu’s Unity interface in 10.10 tries to start with 3D graphics. If you install as a VM without the VMware Tools, then Unity will default to something like a Gnome desktop. In Dr. Bill’s demo, he used the VMware install wizard that if you notice applied the VMware tools at the end. VMware tools will allow some 3D graphics in the VM, enough for Unity to work. I think VMware started adding that step of the wizard in VMware Workstation 7 and up. Thanks for the Video.

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