Predictions for 2011, from the Doctor!

Jeffrey Powers, from Geekazine, a fellow netcaster, asked the TPN crew what we were predicting for next year in tech; here’s my predictions!

Dr. Bill – The Computer Curmudgeon (www.DrBill.TV)

I predict that streaming video, and Internet Protocol TV will continue to grow in audience. Set-top boxes like the Roku box, and the Boxee Box will become even more popular, and more and more people will begin to get their TV fix from the net!

Google Chrome as an operating system will make decent strides this year, and there will be increasing interest in the Chrome based hardware that Google will introduce. Also, Android will gain even more market share from the iPhone!

Net Neutrality will become a “cause celeb” and will become more prominent as folks begin to push harder for Internet freedoms, as well as personal freedoms! This will be compounded by the increase in personal expression, such as podcasts, video netcasts, and the like, in which individuals will become more important than corporations in producing news and entertainment programming!

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