Amazon Opens Its Appstore!

And, I got the free download of “Angry Birds – Rio” – now, I am playing Angry Birds at every spare moment! This is how they plan to take over the world! With Angry Birds!

Amazon opens its Android Appstore

“Amazon officially opened its new and much-anticipated Android app store today. Serving up a round of competition to Google’s Android Market, Amazon’s Appstore for Android is stocking almost 3,800 apps for starters, with more on the way. To kick off the store opening, Amazon is giving away a free copy of Angry Birds Rio and is promising to offer one paid app for free each day.

But the Amazon shop is opening amid controversy. Apple yesterday sued Amazon over the use of the term ‘App Store,’ for which Apple filed a trademark after the release of the iPhone 3G. Apple is contending that use of the term could ‘confuse and mislead customers.’ Lawyers will surely make note of the fact that Apple uses the term as the two-word phrase ‘App Store,’ while Amazon has tweaked it slightly to the one word “Appstore,” perhaps in an attempt to distinguish it.

Amazon’s launch of its Appstore for Android comes at a time when Google’s own Android Market has been facing some challenges, notably in the area of security. Google recently was forced to pull 50 different malware-infected apps that were masquerading as legitimate programs, calling into question the processes that the company uses to allow apps in its mobile store.”

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