Geek Software of the Week: Ogg Video Converter!

Ogg Video ConverterOK, so with my new video format for the show, which is, of course, M4V, I needed a converter to convert M4V to WebM (so I could also support WebM and HTML5, as in Chrome!) So, the search began! I have been using FireFogg, which is on-line, and free (free is good!) But, this gives me a “standalone option!

Ogg Video Converter

“OGG Video Converter converts M4V files to WebM easily. The software is a professional M4V to WebM Converter. You could customize video size, frame rate, and bit rate with converter so that the output file size is controllable. Besides WebM, the converter converts M4V files to OGG/OGM/OGV and H.264 that are HTML5 video formats either.

The software is also an all-in-one video converter that converts any formats to popular video formats such as OGV, 3G2, WMV, MPG, DivX, WebM, AVI, etc. It could convert DAT to FLV, 3G2 to OGM, 3G2 to WMV, H.264 to AVI, MKV to ASF, and so on.

OGG Video Converter supports batch conversion and, is full compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Vista and Windows 7.”

Excellent “tutorial-like” instructions on the web site as well!

Gadget Supply Shortages Due to Japan Disaster

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there may be shortages in parts for some very popular devices that are in high demand, like, oh, say, the new iPad 2! Since everyone and their brother want an iPad 2, this could be a huge deal for Apple!

Japan Quake Poses Supply Issues For Apple IPad 2 -IHS ISuppli

“Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) newly unveiled iPad 2 may suffer from supply shortages in its electronic compass, the battery and possibly its touchscreen glass because of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a research firm said Thursday.

IHS iSuppli found at least five parts in the iPad 2 sourced from Japanese suppliers that could be impacted, including NAND flash memory chips from Toshiba Corp. (6502.TO), dynamic random access memory made by Elpida Memory Inc. (6665.TO), an electronic compass from AKM Semiconductor, the touchscreen overlay glass likely from Asahi Glass Co. (5201.TO) and the system battery from Apple Japan Inc, according to IHS iSuppli.

‘While some of these suppliers reported that their facilities were undamaged, delivery of components from all of these companies is likely to be impacted at least to some degree by logistical issues now plaguing most Japanese industries in the quake zone,’ the research firm said.

Apple declined to comment Thursday on its supply chain. On Monday, the company said its Japanese facilities were open and functioning following the earthquake and tsunami.

Apple released the iPad 2 in the U.S. last week, and analysts estimated sales over the weekend ranged anywhere between 500,000 and 1 million units. Apple’s online store is showing a shipping delay of a month or more for all new versions of the iPad 2.

Apple said earlier this week that it would delay the iPad 2’s launch in Japan following the recent developments that have devastated the country. The company had planned to begin iPad 2 sales in Japan on March 25, alongside 25 other countries in various points around the globe.”

We are saddened by the tragedies in Japan, and our hearts go out to them! It is also a reminder that more than ever, we are a completely interconnected planet! What happens on one side of the world, definitely effects us all!

Word is, M$ is “Retiring” the Zune!

Sigh. I don’t have a Zune… but I hear it was pretty good. And, the Zune Marketplace is supposed to be pretty cool too. Also, the Zune at least kept Apple “honest” by offering SOME competition for the iPod. But, these days with music on your phone (like my DroidX), I suppose it was inevitable!

Goodnight Zune

“After five years of false starts, word is leaking out that Microsoft is giving up on its much-maligned portable music player.” In the article at the link above, Mark Horowitz gives an “ode to the Zune!” Alas, poor Zune, we knew thee!

Yes, IE9 is out, and Firefox is Next Tuesday!

IE9 just came out this past week. Firefox 4.0 is supposed to be released on Tuesday of next week. However, Microsoft reports that 2.3 million downloads of IE9 occurred in the first 24 hours of its release! Zowie! Has Firefox lost before it starts? Probably not… but, I am sure it is “sobering” for Mozilla! Then again, Google’s Chrome upgrades itself with NO fanfare, and just keeps working better and better! I’d say IT is the one to watch!

The Computer Virus Turns 40!

ViriiOuch! This makes me feel old! As much as we fight malware and computer virii, it is amazing to think that virii are forty years old!

The Virus Turns 40

“Today we have the dubious honor of wishing a happy birthday to the computer virus. It is hitting its 40th birthday, so get out the grim reaper cake and ‘Over the Hill’ balloons. While we certainly won’t be wishing the virus many happy returns, we can get a look at how the virus has evolved over time.

You may be wondering what the first virus was? As it turns out that the first virus was created in 1971, and was promptly given the name Creeper. The Creeper most noticeable side effect was when the virus displayed the message “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!” on the screens of the infected machines. Scooby Doo fans may also remember this name from another campy 70’s creation. A villain named The Creeper made an appearance in the animated film Scoobie Doo and the Ghoul School.

Bad 70’s jokes aside, and trust me with those hairstyles and mustaches this reporter could go on for at least another 500 words, this virus was the beginning of the digital war that we are living in today: where companies try harder and harder to shore up the holes in their operating systems while the creators of malicious code work their hardest to exploit them. This war is about more than simple exploitation, it is a numbers game as well. When you consider that viruses have grown from 1,300 viruses in 1990 to over 200 million computer viruses on the web currently, we can see how things have grown exponentially.”

Wow! Scoob and viruses (I like the term “virii” as the plural… I KNOW… it is technically WRONG!) Yeeesh!

“The Banana Lover’s Edition!” of Dr. Bill Netcast #179

Dr. Bill Netcast – 179 – (03/13/11)

Google’s Chrome browser beats hackers for 3rd year straight, GSotW: Blubrry Powerpress V2.0, Apple may reach new high in early iPad 2 sales, Canon announces support for Thunderbolt in cameras, IE9 loses in Pwn2Own, how Dr. Bill likes bananas!

Links that pertain to this Netcast:

Blubrry Powerpress V2.0

VirtZine, the On-Line Magazine of Virtualization and Cloud Computing!

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IE9? What!? Us, Worry?

Microsoft (of course) claims that there is no exploitable bug in the FINAL release of IE 9 that was used to allow a successful attack by an Irish researcher this week on an earlier (IE8) version. Uh huh.

Microsoft: No Pwn2Own bug in IE9

“Computerworld – Microsoft on Thursday said its Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) does not contain the bug exploited this week by an Irish researcher at the Pwn2Own hacking contest.

But while IE9 is not vulnerable to attacks using the same Pwn2Own exploit, up to 99% of IE’s users may be at risk.

On Wednesday, researcher Stephen Fewer of Harmony Security chained three exploits to hack the older IE8, receiving $15,000 and a Sony laptop from HP TippingPoint for his work.

Shortly after Pwn2Own organizer Aaron Portnoy announced Fewer’s success, Microsoft said it had the vulnerabilities in hand and had started investigating.

IE9, however, will not need a patch. ‘The vulnerability was addressed in the RC [release candidate] and RTM [release to the Web] versions of Internet Explorer 9,’ said Jerry Bryant, a group manager with the Microsoft Security Response Center, in an e-mail reply to questions. ‘This update is already in the pipe for down level-versions of Internet Explorer.’

Canon Announces Support for Thunderbolt in Cameras

The “Thunderbolt” technology built into the new MacBook Pros is making big news! Thunderbolt is FAST! Faster than USB 3.0… so fast it can transfer a full DVD movie in 30 seconds! Yep… the mind boggles! WANT!

Canon announces future cameras will have Thunderbolt

“Spurred by Apple’s desire for a consolidated, universal cable, Intel unveiled Thunderbolt last month. Previously known as Lightpeak, Thunderbolt not only offers data throughput speeds that put the likes of USB 3.0 to shame, it also merges your computer’s sundry cables into one super umbilical, capable of doing everything from video to audio to data transfer.

It’s fantastic technology, and we can’t wait to see what happens with it. The only problem is that right now, only Apple is really supporting it in their 2011 line-up of MacBook Pros. Sure, a few of the usual accessory makers have said they’ll release the usual line of external hard drives and the like with Thunderbolt capabilities, but we haven’t seen a lot of other big names join the standard.

Consider that remedied. Camera maker Canon has just thrown its support behind Thunderbolt.”

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