Geek Software of the Week: Windows Easy Transfer!

Today’s Geek Software of the Week is very unusual in that it is a feature built into Windows 7! This feature is called Windows Easy Transfer. The software is based on an application that used to be a separate utility called AlohaBob. Microsoft bought the company that made this product and is now incorporated directly into Windows 7. Now you have the advantage of the original utility, but it’s built right into the product! However, a lot of folks don’t know about this feature. I heard about it on Revision3’s Tekzilla, and wanted to share it with you because it meets a need that a lot of people have asked about before. That is, the ability to transfer a lot of files and personal information, including profile information, from one computer to another. For inmstance, when you rebuild the computer. So, this is a very handy utility, and I think you’ll find it extremely useful if you’re moving from one computer to another or, are rebuilding a computer. The link below gives you a link to Microsoft’s page describing the product. Once again, it’s built into Windows 7 and it’s FREE!

Windows Easy Transfer

As many folks as have asked me about this… I know it will be popular! It order to find it, just type “Windows Easy Transfer” into your Windows 7 Start Search line. Cool!

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