Geek Software of the Week: Quick Encrypt!

Quick EncryptDewd! Sometimes a Geek Software of the Week just totally meets a need at the moment that you need it, and this is one that did that for me! I needed a handy way to quickly encrypt text files so that if you managed to get a hold of it, it would be useless to YOU, but important and easy to encrypt for ME! Done and done!

Google Chrome Extension: Quick Encrypt

“Protect the data in your email, your contacts, and more with Quick Encrypt. This extension will save a common password and allow you to quickly encrypt and decrypt the contents. To use the extension follow these easy steps.

– Enter you password in the Key field. (Only once. The computer will remember your password.)
– Enter the message to be encrypted (a bank account number, a very personal message, etc.) in the Phrase field.
– Click Encrypt to create a safe and copyable code.
– Click Undo if you made a mistake.
– Save, Forward, or whatever.

Use Quick Encypt to pass a note to a friend, forward a password to a friend, or store a social security number in an archived email message.”

Granted, it is for Google Chrome…. but, what else would you be using anyway, right? Grin!

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