Geek Software of the Week: Gabby Roku Media Center!

Gabby Media Server!Since we are doing a giveaway of a brand new, fresh in the box, Roku 2 to some fortunate viewer of Dr. Bill.TV, I found a great Geek Software of the Week to tie into the Giveaway!

Gabby Roku Media Center

The Geek Software of the Week this week is: Gabby Roku Media Center! Gabby is designed to give users the freedom to view content on their own networks! In other words, you can set up Gabby, and then view your photos, listen to your MP3 collection, and watch your videos, from your own local (LAN based) PC system! Simply install the Gabby Server on your local PC, set up the Gabby Channel on your Roku, then enter the code to associate the two, and you have local access from your PC to your Roku! Awesome! I will have a big overview of this process (very simple to do) on teh next Dr. Bill.TV Netcast!

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