So, Was I Too Mean?

I got an email today. It had a subject line of: Computer Operator II Needed in Winston-Salem, NC. Okay. I read the message. The recruiter said that I might be interested in a computer operator position. There was a requirement of at least a Bachelors degree. I started laughing… best laugh of the day… then, I was perplexed. Should I let her know how far off the mark she was with her email? What if she offered it to other high end computer professionals… so, I responded as below:

“Your message gave me a good laugh! Have you even read my resume? I have over 30 years of system admin experience and I’m professionally certified in VMware, Citrix, and web server administration… and you send me a computer operator position? Maybe back in 1984, but I am a little further down the road by now. I also have two doctorates, a Ph.D and and ND; so the Bachelors degree preference should be no problem.

I mention it only because you might send a similar message to someone with a less developed sense of humor. BTW, I am NOT looking for work. Thanks for thinking of me, though!

So, obviously, I was jabbing a bit… but what do you think? Too much?


  • Interestingly I know several very highly skilled IT people with no degree that could run circles around someone with a bachelors. I briefly thought I wanted to do IT for awhile… maybe if it meant working abroad, I’d say yes… but I couldn’t handle the competitive nature of the field to be honest here in the states. Too many competitive men who all think they’re computer Gods. I’m more like Jen in the “I.T. Crowd”, I suppose. Ignorant, but seemingly capable of seeing the big picture in ways others can’t. Yes I just tooted my own horn.

  • My Dad used to say, “He who tooteh not his own horn, his horn remaineth untooted!” I agree that MANY IT folks I have met had ZERO degrees, but they had real world experience. Experience trumps everytime! Conversely, I have seen highly degreed and certified folks that couldn’t even map a file share! So, I concur completely!

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