Hasbro Upset Over Asus “Transformer” Name

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“Robots in disguise!” Yeah. Like there would be confusion over a tablet and a toy robot. Well, Hasbro is concerned!

Hasbro Sues Asus Over ‘Transformer’ Name

“Toy maker Hasbro has filed suit against Asus for trademark infringement over the use of the “Transformer” name.

At CES earlier this year, Asus unveiled the Eee Pad Transformer, an Android-based tablet that can convert to a notebook via a docking station. Last month, it expanded the line with the Transformer Prime, a tablet-laptop hybrid that is the first to include Nvidia’s next-gen Tegra 3 mobile chip.

But as any child of the 80s is aware, a Transformer is more than just a fancy tablet. Hasbro unveiled the Transformers in 1984, a line of tiny robots that converted into other forms. In addition to plastic toys and various other paraphernalia, the Transformers were available via a cartoon, a comic book series, an animated film and, more recently, several live-action films. There was even a Transformer Camaro, according to court filings.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Hasbro said it contacted Asus about the Eee Pad Transformer earlier this year, asking the company not to use the name. ‘Asus refused to comply,’ according to the lawsuit, filed in a California district court.

Hasbro claims that ads for Asus’s Transformer Prime (below) use imagery that ‘closely resembles imagery used in Transformers movies and video games, in particular evoking the Transformers home planet of Cybertron.'”

Riiight! I am sure they were trying to invoke images of Cybertron! I guess I would protect my product name too, but this is a little silly guys!

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