Dr. Bill.CC (This Web Site) – New Features!

Yes, I am trumpeting some new features on my own web site. My Dad always said, “He that tooteth not his own horn, his horn remaineth untooted!” (And, yes, he was as odd as I am!) Anyway, here’s a rundown of new stuff on the ol’ web site!

1) We now have an HTML5/WebM video in the upper right column corner with the latest (that is, last produced) netcast!

2) We have added the “Sociable Plug-in” to allow you to easily share our posts to the Interwebs! (Share and Enjoy!)

3) Under the aforementioned HTML5/WebM screen, we now have shortcuts to the URLs for subscribing the the show, so you never miss an episode!

4) For our European friends, we added Sevenload to the list of social video sharing sites the show is posted to.

5) Click on, and sign up for, “Dr. Bill’s Newsletter” in the sidebar to get our weekly newsletter! (OK, that one is not new, but you should still sign up!)

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