4 Billion Video Views Per Day on YouTube!

YouTubery! You know you love it! I post my video netcasts to the Ol’ YouTube! Well, YouTube is now getting 4 BILLION (with a “B”) views per DAY! Zowie!

YouTube reports 4 billion video views — a day

“People of the Internet, you love your YouTube.

On an average day, you watch 4 billion videos on YouTube. And the next day? You watch 4 billion videos on YouTube. That’s a 25% increase over the number of daily video views just eight months ago, and it shows what kind of immense numbers we can see when a popular Web destination becomes even more popular.

It’s kind of amazing — and kind of frightening.

When it comes to how much video people are uploading to the site, the numbers are also mind-boggling: YouTube reports that 60 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute, compared with 48 hours eight months ago.

What’s behind this growth of activity? Reuters points out that parent company Google is pushing the video-sharing service beyond the personal computer, with versions of the site now compatible with smartphones and televisions. The company also has been making an effort to get more professional-grade content on the site.

Does all of this translate to money? Well, some of it does. But, Reuters reports, Google said only about 3 billion videos a week are monetized.”

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