SkyDrive Will Be In Windows 8!

Apple is integrating iCloud, their Cloud Computing platform, into OS/X “Mountain Lion”… and now, Microsoft is announcing that they will incorporate their SkyDrive into Windows 8!

Microsoft confirms SkyDrive app for Windows 8

“SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage product, will be get a Metro-style app with Windows 8, the company announced today.

SkyDrive will also get a desktop app for Internet Explorer and the ability to fetch remote files from the Web, the software giant revealed on its Building Window 8 blog.

Microsoft intends for SkyDrive to ‘evolve with Windows 8 from a website today into a true device cloud for Windows customers,’ Mike Torres and Omar Shahine, group program managers for SkyDrive, wrote in the post. ‘With Windows 8, we wanted to make sure that your files would be instantly available and up-to-date as you move between PCs–without configuring add-ons or using a USB drive.’

‘This will bring a file cloud to every Metro style app, allowing you to open files in your SkyDrive and save them right back to your SkyDrive just like you would on your local hard drive,’ the pair writes.

The desktop app will allow ‘easy drag-and-drop upload and download support for SkyDrive, anywhere access to your data, offline access, and the power of Windows Explorer to manage your files and folders.’”

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