Geeky Tip: Graphical “Kill” Command for Fedora Linux

Here’s a neat tip I discovered from using Fedora as my client. When you get a “hung” application window, and want to have a graphical way to “kill” the process without any tedious mucking around at the command line, try this:

Install the xorg-x11-apps:

sudo yum install xorg-x11-apps

Then go to “System Settings” (click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, hover over and click on “System Settings”)

Select “Keyboard” –> “Shortcuts” –> “Custom Shortcuts”

Hit the “+” in the right side panel to add a custom keyboard shortcut, for “Name:” enter “xkill” and for “Command:” enter “xkill” and click “Apply.”

Hover over the “Disabled” at the end of the bar on the right side panel of your new shortcut, click it, then do a keyboard combination… I used “Control-F12” … you can then exit out. When you have a session hung, you can hit “Control-F12” and your cursor will change to an “X” … whereever you click the “X” (whatever window) will be “killed.” Enjoy!

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