Geek Project: Save A Friend’s Computer!

So, you would NEVER get a massive virus, or trojan, infection, but your clueless friend would! So, be the hero! Clean their PC once it has been eaten!

Here are the things that you need: – Combofix

Kaspersky TDSSKiller

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

You will probably want to boot into Safe Mode before installing and running these tools, but by doing all these, chances are very good that you WILL save the day… unless you have a trojan that has written a “re-infecter” into the boot record of your hard drive in a hidden partition, then… sigh. Just go ahead and do a deep hard drive wipe and re-format, and re-install, Windows.

Of course, ALL this assumes Windows, because if they were running Linux… well, you wouldn’t HAVE to rescue them!

If you DO need to do a complete drive format and wipe, use Active KillDisk, available here:

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