Nine Flavors of Windows 8?

There will be at least nine versions of Windows 8 according to the Windows 8 registry!

Windows 8 registry shows nine separate flavors to choose from

  • Windows 8 Starter
  • Windows 8 Home Basic
  • Windows 8 Home Premium
  • Windows 8 Professional
  • Windows 8 Professional Plus
  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Windows 8 Enterprise Eval
  • Windows 8 Ultimate
  • Windows 8 ARM edition

“We will of course point out that this is from the Consumer Preview, so not necessarily a final tally, and the Enterprise Eval version is of course just for trials, but it’s interesting to note the addition of Professional Plus. Office 2010 Pro Plus adds in extra integration with Sharepoint and Office Communications Server, leaving us to wonder if this flavor of Windows 8 won’t offer some similar collaborative tools. And then there’s just that one, lonely ARM edition, which could leave non-x86 hardware buyers out of the cross-shopping fun altogether.”

“Password1” is the Most Common Business Password!

You have to have a decent password to be secure! But, most folks don’t!

‘Password1’ is the No. 1 Password Employed by Business Users

The business world has a password problem—starting with the fact that the No. 1 computer password employed by business users is, wait for it: ‘Password1’. Unfortunately, that’s just the most cringe-worthy example of bad enterprise security cited by Trustwave in its recently released Global Security Report for 2012.

Why ‘Password1’? Because ‘it satisfies the default Microsoft Active Directory complexity setting,’ the IT security research firm noted. In other words, it’s got a capitalized letter, a number, and the requisite number of characters to qualify under basic password security settings.

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