Teens and On-line Video

Cute!Looks like the next generation will be a on-line video savvy bunch! A whole generation of YouTubers! Dewd. Makes you wonder how many cute cat videos will be added. But then, we ALL need cute cat videos! It is the reason for the Interwebs!

Study: 37% Of U.S. Teens Now Use Video Chat, 27% Upload Videos

“Video chat is still something many people don’t feel comfortable with. For U.S. teens, however, it is quickly becoming a pretty routine way of communicating with each other. According to a new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 37% of teens now regularly use Skype, Apple’s iChat and startups like Tinychat to video chat with each other.

There are significant differences between how many boys and girls use video chat, though. Only a third of boys use video chat while 42% of girls said they have video chatted. Maybe unsurprisingly, those teens who use the Internet more frequently also use video chats more often than their peers who only go online a few times per week. The same is true for teens who text and use social media more often than their peers.”

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