Dr. Bill.TV #238 – Video – “The Vidblaster Dual Camera Edition!”

Codeweavers WINE-enabled browse with ActiveX, Michio Kaku on Moore’s Law, Discovery buys Revision3, next gen of video savvy kids, three awesome days! GSotW: Xmarks! Flash / PHP patches, Vidblaster and new webcams, the GameMaster on ‘The Legend of Korra!’

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Xmarks Software

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Available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/PPYrVp8riuk

Available on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/41662751


  • Hi Dr. Bill,
    Do enjoy your approach to TECH….Makes it enjoyable.
    NOW, since you’re a Ubuntu geek…Why can’t I get sound in 12.04?? A fresh install, and I’ve searched many,many forums with NO FUN YET!!
    Ubuntu didn’t have Pulse audio control installed? Is this a BUG in 12? in sound properties all I have is s/pdif …that’s NOT for analog computer speakers…
    Thanks / John in Dallas

  • Mine works fine. It may be hardware specific to your system… you may want to check your vendors site for a Linux device driver.

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