Geek Software of the Week: WassUp!

WassUpHave you ever wanted to make sense of visitors to your WordPress web site? What were they reading? Where do they come from? How did they find you? Well, this plugin rocks! It will give you a real feel for what is going on over time! Check it out!

WassUp Real Time Analytics

“WassUp is a WordPress plugin to track your visitors in real-time. It has a very readable and fancy admin console to keep track of your visitors that gives you a detailed view into almost everything your users are doing on your site. It is very useful for SEO or statistics maniacs.

The aim of WassUp is the knowledge of what your visitors do when they surf your site. It is not intended to show grouped statistics over preset time periods like visitors per day, pageviews per months, and so on (there are many others tools to better gain that, like Google Analytics). Instead, WassUp provides flexible, easy-to-read views into your visitors data that is customizable by time periods, visitor types, search keywords, and much more.

  • WassUp comes with 4 admin submenus for viewing your visitors’ activities and for customizing those views
  • There is a fancy “Visitors Details” view with search capability, view filters, plus a chart and top ten summary, that allows you to see almost everything about your visitors and what they do on your site.
  • There is an ajax “Spy” view (like Digg Spy) that lets you monitor and geolocate your visitors, live.
  • There is a “Current Visitors Online” view that shows a summary of your online visitors in real-time.
  • There is an “Options” view with lots of customizable settings for WassUp.
  • There is a nice Dashboard widget that shows a line chart of hits over time (24 hours default) and a count of current visitors online and their latest activities.

There is also a useful sidebar Widget that shows the count of current visitors online (default) and that can display recent searched terms, recent external referrers, top browsers, and top OSes. The widget is fully customizable.

WassUp works with two anti-spam functions to detect and omit (if you want) referrers spammers and comment spammers. It also detects and records unauthorized users’ login attempts, script injection, and other exploit attempts. Please note that WassUp just records exploit attempts. It does not block them or otherwise protect your site. You need a separate security plugin for that.”

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