Geek Software of the Week: Xmarks!

Xmarks Software

Xmarks is software by a favorite software company of mine… Lastpass! I love Lastpass for managing all my passwords across the entire Interweb! Now, Lastpass has a product that manages all your web bookmarks across all major browsers! Very cool!

Xmarks by Lastpass

Sync and Backup
Install Xmarks on each computer you use, and it seamlessly integrates with your web browser and keeps your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync.

Xmarks will sync across browsers too. Today we support Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari (Mac OS).

Smarter Search
Xmarks will highlight the top sites in your search results based on how other users have bookmarked and rated them. Simply click to learn more. (Available in Firefox only)

Site Info built into your browser
Click on the Xmarks info icon in your location bar to see detailed information about the site you are on, and discover other great sites just like it. (Available in Firefox only)”

Three Special Days in a Row!

Today is Star Wars Day!  No kidding… it is May the Fourth (be with you…)  Get it?  Plus, Avengers Day… the new movie starts!  (AWESOMENESS!)  And, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Saturday at your local comic book store.  So, go get an Avengers comic book… and, drop by a Star Wars cantina!  DEWD!  How geeky a weekend is this?!?!  Oh, and this Saturday night is also the Super Moon!  (The moon is closest to the earth.)  EPIC!

Teens and On-line Video

Cute!Looks like the next generation will be a on-line video savvy bunch! A whole generation of YouTubers! Dewd. Makes you wonder how many cute cat videos will be added. But then, we ALL need cute cat videos! It is the reason for the Interwebs!

Study: 37% Of U.S. Teens Now Use Video Chat, 27% Upload Videos

“Video chat is still something many people don’t feel comfortable with. For U.S. teens, however, it is quickly becoming a pretty routine way of communicating with each other. According to a new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 37% of teens now regularly use Skype, Apple’s iChat and startups like Tinychat to video chat with each other.

There are significant differences between how many boys and girls use video chat, though. Only a third of boys use video chat while 42% of girls said they have video chatted. Maybe unsurprisingly, those teens who use the Internet more frequently also use video chats more often than their peers who only go online a few times per week. The same is true for teens who text and use social media more often than their peers.”

Discovery Channel Buys Revision3!

Discovery Communications, home of MythBusters, has just bought Revision3!

Welcome to the Family, Revision3!

From Discovery: “This afternoon, our Chief Digital Officer, JB Perrette, shared some exciting news: Discovery Communications will be acquiring leading online video production company Revision3. With tons of engaging shows, millions of fans online and one of the 10 largest networks on YouTube, we can’t wait to welcome Jim Louderback and his team to the Discovery family!”

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