Geek Software of the Week: Nirsoft SiteShoter!

This week’s Geek Software of the Week is an interesting little utility, once again from Nirsoft, which is been a great supply for Geek Software of the Week utilities, which I try to find each and every week. It’s not easy to find really good, free, software and utilities. So, it’s kind of nice to be able to find a resource like Nirsoft for these utilities.

This week’s utility is very handy! It is called “SiteShoter” and it allows you to grab a screenshot of a website very cleanly to use on your own blog, or website, perhaps when you’re doing a review, or when you want to send a screenshot to a friend to demonstrate the utility of a website that you have found!

Geek Software of the Week: Nirsoft SiteShoter!

“SiteShoter is a small utility that allows you to save a screenshot of any Web page into a file. It automatically creates hidden window of Internet Explorer, loads the desired Web page, and than save the entire content of the Web page into an image file (.png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp or .gif). You can also use SiteShoter to convert .html file on your local drive into image file.

You can use SiteShoter in user interface mode, or alternatively, you can run SiteShoter in command-line mode without displaying any user interface.”

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